The Journey Begins

After toying with this idea for a while, I finally decided to start writing… whether anyone is reading it or not that doesn’t matter, this is just a specific place for me to write my personal thoughts and feelings.

This will include a range of different topics – some heavy and emotional, such as being a young carer and losing someone you love. To the importance of mental health and wellbeing on your health, but it won’t be all doom and gloom – I enjoy discussing books, lifestyle and beauty as well.

Really, I’ll just be writing my thoughts and maybe if there’s someone out there in a similar situation, they can relate and feel supported that others are here too. You don’t have to be a carer or have mental illness struggles to read and relate, this can also be a place to understand the variety of issues surrounding caring, grief and mental health.

This won’t be a negative blog, although topics may get emotional, this will include humour (hopefully) and laughter, as I feel that’s the best way to deal with life’s obstacles


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